Please remember we are not a crisis service

Brothers in Arms is about men managing their own mental wellbeing and we provide free tools and support on how to do that.

You can visit our Help Page Here for more information on what we do

If it is for general enquiries then you may find our WHY WE DO page here helpful with FAQ's at the bottom of the page, if not then please get in touch

These enquiries are monitored during office hours only

We are an autonomous and self-referring digital platform that gives access to NHS approved tech and a qualified online therapist for support and training that is private, anonymous, confidential and free

We empower men to self-manage and support their own mental fitness and wellbeing

So that tomorrow is another day to look forward to...

We have endeavoured to make this site as self-explanatory as possible with information about what we do and the services we provide in keeping in line with our use of digital technology to maximise our resources. and minimise costs so as to keep them free to men in Scotland.

Therefore as we are volunteer-based as part of that strategy we are not always able to reply to every message as quickly as we would like and sometimes they are just not applicable to what we do.

Hopefully, all information that is needed is within the site but if we are missing something please get in touch and ask away!

For all Fundraising enquiries please contact Kieran at:

For any other information (SUCH AS MEDIA OR BRAND PARTNERSHIPS) please fill in the contact form on the right

please be aware that we keep no information (or would we want to) on users of our services

Private, anonymous, confidential and free

Brothers in Arms