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BIA is a '21st Century Charity for the 21st Century male'

We believe in 'Prevention Through Self-Management'

We use digital technology that enables them to self-manage, engage and support their own mental health

It's an evidence-based smartphone application providing in-depth tools and support to improve mental wellbeing, created in partnership with Thrive Therapeutic, to be used by men and those that support them in Scotland

Included in the free Brothers-Thrive App is access to The Live Coaching Programme an in-app text-based service that guides men to self-management of their own well-being and improved mental fitness

It is a private and secure system that lets you text-chat to a wellbeing coach at the touch of a button

The service is available 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

We call it 'Prevention Through Self-Management' because waiting until a man reaches crisis before he gets help is like throwing a lifebuoy ring into the water when already drowning

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