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Late last night a friend got in touch in despair that a close friend's son had taken his own life last week and was looking to see not only for themselves but for the parents how they could be supported

The 'ripple' effect of suicide can be one of the most devastating situations that can occur as a result of something that is happening far too often, family, friends and peers left wondering why?

That ripple if not supported can affect their mental health as well

And we can all be affected and denial or thinking it won't happen to me just won't cut it, especially in the uncertain days ahead

'I'm broken' was my friend's first words to me...

It's the main reason why we focus on prevention rather than crisis dealing with the aftermath of male suicide is never about just one person that aftermath reaches far and wide with unforeseen consequences

As we said before we are working hard to get us into a position to be able to provide our support services for free for 2021 and after because make no mistake we are going to be needed

 All of our social media posts are mainly done through our own FB, Instagram and Twitter channels as opposed to just sharing anywhere

We take the view that if you have 'liked' or shared our posts then you have an interest we are not interested in 'spamming' we are about educating, informing, creating awareness and most importantly providing support that fits into the male narrative

It's OK to not be OK is fine, but then what? we believe that men need male focussed tools and information that reach out to them but we also need the Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Family and Friends to get on board and share our resources, now not after

That is how we can change things

We are concentrating on making sure that our focus is on our digital support, we don't have the resources to (or would want to in the present circumstances) to pay for marketing or branding we are relying on those of you that have liked or supported us to get our message out

Share our link, embed or pin it to your page, let all within your social circles know we are here if we could get every male in Scotland from 16 upward to just have our Brothers-Thrive app on their phone, wouldn't that be something?

If you are the parent or guardian of a male and need advice about a young man in your life download the app yourself and message one of our qualified wellbeing coaches for advice

We have the potential to digitally reach all parts of Scotland from Stornaway to Carlyle we are ready and prepared...

Brothers in Arms