Brothers Feel Stress Free

Our Brothers in Arms app powered by Thrive Therapeutic is a clinically proven digital tool that prevents, detects and treats common mental health conditions.

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Mental Wellbeing, Self-management and Beyond...

It offers a unique depth and range of support in one application. From relaxation techniques such as meditation to thought training, sleep improvement, and goal progress tracking you can improve your mental fitness easily, confident that all you need is in one place.

Why?... ''Because an app won't judge me''
It's a Clinically proven app that prevents, detects and treats common mental health conditions.In Partnership with Thrive, to use by men in Scotland, great for stress and anxiety

What users think

I have been using the app daily for around two weeks. I particularly like the meditation button. It's brilliant that it tells you how to have a mindful walk. It's no coincidence that since I have started using the App I have been calmer, able to deal with stressful situations better and sleeping better. The hints it gives you are amazing. Tony, Graham & PTB, BIA Ambassadors
Hi there, I’ve been meaning to contact you for a while but didn’t really know where to start. I suffer from stress and anxiety and was ashamed by my situation and embarrassed to talk to friends about how I was feeling. My partner found your charity and downloaded the Brothers-Thrive app onto my phone. Admittedly, I was reluctant and sceptical about this kind of help and thought I would get better on my own. I started using your app. To log how I was feeling, and to help manage my thoughts. I’ve even tried meditating! So really what I want to say is THANK YOU. Kevin.

Why we have a digital strategy

Since the app launch in May 2018...

We currently have over 900 users of the app accessing it every month in Scotland from Stornaway to Dalkeith and all city's in-between.


Are aged 16 to 24


Are aged 25 to 34


Are aged 35 to 44

Introducing Live Coaching.

Our Live coaching service is an in-app text-based service to guide individuals through their own self-management programme to better mental fitness.

It is a private and secure chat system that lets you talk to a coach at the touch of a button.

Our new service is available 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)