Male users can text chat with one of the wellbeing specialists to talk through any stresses, worries or problems, however big or small, all at the touch of a button. This service provided through Thrive our digital partner aims to open up access to digital mental health support services to as many men in Scotland as possible.

So, here are some of them and their roles as part of the Mental Fitness Coaching Team.

Pauline Roberts - Lead Counsellor.

Hi, my name is Pauline and I am the Lead Counsellor of the team. I have worked for Thrive for just over one and a half years and am thoroughly enjoying being part of something that is so forward-thinking, innovative and caring towards those with mental health issues.

Prior to this, I have worked for Substance Misuse Services for over thirteen years in varying roles and settings, including prisons and police custody, helping clients to turn their lives around. For three years I have worked as an Addiction Counsellor for two Drug and Alcohol Charities and have completed a two year Post Graduate Diploma in Addiction Psychology and Counselling. I have also worked privately as a fully qualified Hypnotherapist for the past 14 years. I am currently a registered member of the BACP working towards my accreditation.

What I can do for you is to work with you to help you find the direction that you want to be moving in. I can help you to set specific goals and also find alternative ways of thinking and exploring strategies that can help you to reduce anxiety and stress. Also, by exploring all the various factors in your life I can help you can gain greater self-awareness and thereby increase your understanding of what may be contributing to the problems you have and what is going on for you.

I can also simply be someone to listen if that’s what you need.

Joe Barnby - Research Scientist & Therapist.

I am a doctoral scientist at King's College London, specialising in the field of cognitive neuropsychiatry. I have published research on psychosis, hallucinations, paranoia, and social interaction, and previously completed my MSc in Mental Health Science at University College London, and my undergraduate in Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Leicester.

At Thrive, I work as both a scientist and an assistant psychologist.
I have worked extensively in mental health and neuroscience research in the UK and Australia over the last ten years, working in labs studying meditation, belief, psychosis, social cognition, NHS service provision, and psychopharmacology.

Clinically, I have worked with people with common mental illness at Thrive for two years, severe mental illness in a research setting, in addition to working in A&E at the Royal London Hospital and as a mindfulness trainer.

Robert Ribanszki - Research Scientist & Therapist 

I am from Budapest, Hungary. I have a BA in Psychology and an MSc in clinical mental health research. Like many other psychology graduates, my primary interest was in clinical psychology, but as my career progressed I saw other, perhaps, more innovative ways to work as a psychologist.

One of them was the emerging field of “digital mental health” which ended up being the topic of my MSc dissertation and eventually led me to work at Thrive.

I still kept some of my enthusiasm for the clinical path, however, and I am still training/practising as a counsellor. My current roles at Thrive are rather varied, I am part of both the therapist and the research team but I have also designed some to the features of the app itself.

Besides these, I am also interested in the social and cultural underpinnings of mental health problems. As I am certain that many of the issues we are trying to solve here can not be studied or treated in isolation from their social contexts.

Soma Almasi - Therapist & Researcher 

I am a neuroscientist currently completing a PhD in cognitive neuroscience focusing on anxiety disorders and transfer technologies at Maastricht University. With a background in psychology and psychotherapy as well as a great interest in, Thrive has allowed me to combine and utilise my interests and skills.

I have a passion for mental health and improving lives using technology.

As part of the team, these amazing individuals have supported both men and those that support them with their mental health and we have received some great feedback about the work they do.

Check out below some fantastic testimonials:

“Out of all the clinical support from GPs and teams I've received in the past, the support I have received through the app has by far been the best. The counselling sessions and the resources that you provide, have helped me greatly and I certainly would recommend this counselling from Thrive.”

“The counselling sessions have certainly helped me to face the issues I have experienced. They have enabled me to open up to others and seek ideas and feedback. Thank you so very much for everything you have helped me achieve this far....your support has been life-changing.”

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