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You can now connect with our wellbeing team on how you can best support boys from 13 upwards

The service is private and confidential so that you can be proactive, not reactive when it comes to what can be the most difficult of times of the journey towards adulthood by teenage boys

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The Brothers-Thrive’s in-app coaching will help overcome the difficulties that parents and guardians may face when communicating with their teenage boys which might make them feel powerless with the support they want to provide

The idea of the new channel is to empower parents and guardians to be able to better understand the emotional development that their teen boys are going through, so as to better equip themselves to be able to support through what can be a turbulent time

We aim to empower you with immediate access to our qualified coaches at this most crucial of times to help young males to thrive

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There are already many pressures on our young people – the service will provide a platform to help you, and therefore help them in turn, navigate today’s challenges through effective support tools, further information and education

This service is not aimed at the boys but is for you as the adult to help them and yourself engage, inform, learn, reflect and build resilience

8 am to 8 pm Mon to Fri (excluding bank holidays)
Secure, private, confidential and free

Once you contact our wellbeing team it is anonymous and confidential, between you and the coach

Access the download page here:

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