Train Your Brain - Your Mind Will Follow

Why Portal?



PORTAL delivers the BrothersThrive App for your digital well-being and self-management (18 plus use only)


Use PORTAL straight away or save it to your phone - it has the download link to the BrothersThrive App 


And Video tutorials to show how the BrothersThrive App trains your mental-fitness


The BrothersThrive App is NHS approved and includes qualified therapy support to coach you in a digital safe space to positive mental health

Access PORTAL Here

Self-management techiques

CALM BREATHING - Manage stress and anxiety

CBT PROGRAMME - Train your brain positive

RELAXATION - Improve sleep 

SELF-SUGGESTION - Empower your mind 

MEDITATION - Be in the present

Therapy For Men

Why We Do Therapy For Men

To build your mental fitness, resilience and fortitude


There is no pressure to:

- Go to your GP, you self refer

- Do face to face, you text-chat

- Reveal your identity, it's anonymous


Access is via the BrothersThrive App

You decide When, Where and For How long, You are in Control 

The Therapy service is available Mon To Fri 8 am to 8 pm (18 plus use only)

All Private, Anonymous, Confidential and Free

Why Digital? 


Research shows men prefer tech when it comes to their wellbeing


Our technology is created by clinicians and the team behind Laura Croft: Tomb Raider


Stress and anxiety for men is a gateway to clinical depression if not managed


The BrothersThrive App has a 75% recovery rate for stress and anxiety when used by male users


Because Men Deserve Better

Brothers in Arms