About The Campaign

Our mission at Brothers in Arms is to transform male mental health

Time to Blether, from Brothers in Arms, is a campaign designed to tackle male suicide rates in the UK where currently, 12 men take their own lives every single day. Tragically, suicide remains the leading cause of death in men under the age of 50.

The goal with #TimetoBlether is to encourage help seeking behaviour in men before they reach crisis point; and to provide a safe and easily accessible platform for them to be heard, thanks to our Blethr technology.

About Blethr

What Blethr Does

Open Communication:

Blethr facilitates open communication, offering a judgment-free listening zone for men to express their experiences and emotions.

24/7 Availability:

The platform ensures men can connect with a supportive safe space where they can communicate their inner thoughts whenever about whatever, with no filters needed.

Tech for Good:

We are leveraging technology to make mental wellbeing resources easily accessible, and embracing its potential for positive change.

The Road Ahead:

We are fundraising for the next version of Blethr that will include a login for users to have their own individual space - and help build an anonymized data layer to work on crisis anticipation instead of crisis intervention as a more proactive method of reducing the high rate of male suicide, which is now a global issue.

Access our first proof-of-concept version of Blethr here


Why Time to Blether

Though we may believe that gone are the days of gender-specific stereotypes; the expectation for men to be stoic and unyielding in the face of adversity remains in society today.

With #TimetoBlether we want to take a step closer to an open and supportive society, where men can discuss their emotions and experiences without fear of judgement. Be that digitally, face to face, or in group settings.

#TimetoBlether is about fostering open dialogue and creating supportive environments for men who might be struggling; a crucial step towards a culture where men feel empowered to share their thoughts and seek help.

Our Twelve Brave Men

The Campaign Goals

Meet the heart of #TimeToBlether – twelve men from across Scotland sharing their stories to inspire others. They courageously break down barriers, reduce stigma, and invite everyone to join the conversation.

Raise Awareness:

#TimeToBlether will shed light on the critical issue of male suicide. We challenge stigmas and encourage open conversations to bring about meaningful change.

Tech-Driven Solutions:

Central to our campaign is Blethr, an AI-powered platform providing a safe space for men to connect and blether whenever about whatever 24/7. We harness technology to foster genuine connections and support.

Community Engagement:

Our goal is to raise £120,000 in 2024 to enhance the Blethr platform and support outreach efforts. Join us through events, fundraisers, and grassroots initiatives to make a tangible impact on men's mental health.

Get Involved

How you can support us


You can support Brothers in Arms and the #TimeToBlether campaign by donating to our Just Giving page

Access Blethr:

Be part of the Blethr community by sharing the platform with others and joining our movement for change.

Share Your Story:

Use #TimeToBlether to tell your story, break the silence and inspire others.

Images from our fundraising ball.

Here are a few images from our fundraising ball

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